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We plan holidays, weekend breaks and day trips for all tastes, always adding a little of the unexpected, little corners of paradise for you to enjoy…….

Culture and local heritage sites constitute a major part of The Occitanie region. We offer tours already tested and approved by our customers but we can also help you tailor-make a tour to your own liking. At Aud’Etour we never lack the imagination and drive to create your own dream holiday.

And for those food lovers among you, our wines and famous cuisine of the area will bring back to life the tastes and flavours of the past and awaken your senses, not to mention the multitude of open-air markets and of course, the famous covered markets of Narbonne or of Revel, where lots of local producers regularly come together.

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Absolute pure joy spent in unforgettable landscapes

Aude and Occitanie have an exceptional natural heritage to offer. Sandy beaches or secret creeks, high mountains or rolling hillside, canal walks, harsh garrigue or deep forests…. There for you to enjoy is a nature that is varied but also protected. We suggest you take advantage of it according to your preferences. Sporty? We could take you on a trek around Montsegur and other Cathar castles. Curious? We could go off and explore hilltop fortresses overlooking breathtaking landscapes. If it’s gastronomy you’re looking for we could take you for wine tasting in the Massif de la Clape while admiring the salt lake of Gruissan. And as with everything that Aud’Etour does, one thing doesn’t exclude another, on the contrary. One can, for example, be into gastronomy while also being sporty !

We suggest you take a look at a few of the nature options we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us about putting together a personalized package for you.


To be happy and fulfilled in one’s professional and private life, the individual needs first and foremost to take care of himself, such has been my motto for many years. Happiness often comes from the smallest of things, One’s self-esteem and confidence too. There is a nice English expression I am particularly fond of to translate this very specific method of taking care of oneself and making oneself feel good: self-care.  Pause for a moment and step back from your life and your aspirations. Here are a few examples of self-care holidays that help build up energy-levels, enabling you to profit daily from each moment that passes.

There is always apt reason for choosing a ‘feel good’ holiday, such as a relaxing weekend at a spa or doing sport or taking up sport again, taking time out and changing your routine.  Being in Occitanie actually does us good, for not only does it have the most wonderful scenery and magnificent heritage but it also spoils us with the purity of its air, and landscapes that remain unchanged.

We invite you have a look at some of the ‘Well-being’ activities we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we may arrange a holiday tailor-made to your own needs.


Especially with you in mind we have exclusive and authentic excursions and holidays to give you the opportunity to travel and taste the best products available in Occitanie.

To ensure your holidays are complete and memorable, Aud’Etour has selected for you, restaurants owners, wine growers and local producers all unique in our area. Did you know that the wines of Occitanie come from the three, great wine-growing areas of the south of France: Languedoc, Roussillon and The South- West. Together they represent the greatest density of appellations classified as AOP and IGP in the world.

Those wine amateurs among you will be able to taste different wines from the different soils of The Corbieres, The Minervois, Gaillac and Fronton and many more directly from the producers themselves who I am sure will let you into the secret of the grapes used in their blends. Olive oil is also to be found in our part of the south. The oil mill of Oulibo brings together more than 800 olive producers and is listed as the 8th most visited company in France. Over a period of 4 years, we have partnered up with the mill for visits in groups, personalizing our itineries so that all needs are met. At Villeneuve Minervois, it is also possible to learn all there is to know about truffles. Yes, we even have truffles in Aude. You can learn about the subtleties of this fungus, starting with the moment it first germinates, to the place in which it grows and its own particular smell.


Major tourist sites, cultural hikes off into the countryside, pretty village centers or the large prestigious squares of Toulouse and Montpellier; there are also new visits to discover. There are the classics, of course, like Carcassonne Cite, the Cathar castles of Aude and of Ariege, The Canal du Midi or the fortifications of Vauban. Each of the Cathar Castles and abbeys has played a major role in moulding the events of the past. Discover the history of these great monuments in the company of guides who have been very carefully selected and with their help you will be thrust behind the scenes of what has happened in France as its great history has unfolded.

Our area is not without its intrigue and Rennes–le-chateau is testament to that. Some 46 kms south of Carcassonne, the village is shrouded in mystery and was made famous in the early 20th century when abbot Sauniere, then curate of the parish, engaged in a costly renovation of the parish church and the building of an estate of a lavish nature. But where had the money come from? Did he find the treasure of the knights templars? Such a mystery! The place is made magical by the beauty of the landscape and its isolated defensive position. Indeed, a real history that goes as far back as the beginning of the iron age and thus some centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. It is this very same Jesus Christ described by Dan Brown in his fictional investigation known as the Da Vinci code and written in 2003. The view over the Aude valley is stunning. A stone’s throw from Rennes-Le-Chateau is the village of Bucharach and its mountain peak, which made headlines in 2012 when dozens of people took refuge on top, believing the world was coming to an end.

We invite you to look at some of the cultural activities we have to offer.