A dedicated team

Creator of Aud'Etour

“I created my agency in March 2017. After more than 30 years in the world of the B to B industry, I decided to start afresh and to promote my region of
adoption : Aude. I was born in 1966 and I am married and mother of two boys, one born in 1997 and the other in 2002. I am sporty, and passionate about well-being activities. I also love nature and delicious, good quality food and being a big, amateur wine lover, I also believe the lands of my adopted region to produce the best white and sparkling wines in the region.”

Pascale Le Floch

Receptive Operator

A traditional travel agency doesn’t necessarily organize his own tours. He often turns for his work to the receptive operator, in other words, to an agency who actually specializes in organizing trips around a theme, an activity or a country.
Having a perfect knowledge of the culture and of the people involved in providing the respective services, the receptive operator knows all too well how to adapt to the needs of the holidaymaker and portray his area at its best. It is he who sells to tour operators and other agents but also directly to the holiday-maker himself.

Travel Operator register

During the course of our many exchanges one topic of discussion comes up quite regularly. Why do we place so much importance on our registration number in the “travel and holiday operator register”?

It is my famous  “Atout registration number : IM011180002“, a number allocated to every agent and located at the bottom of the certificate. It would seem important at this point to explain a little about this. In fact, it is a requirement of the tourism code of practice to oblige any one selling holidays or services in the business, to register. The principal of our profession is to combine accommodation, food and catering, cultural excursions and even transport, if we are to correspond with the expectations of our customers. In displaying this number Atout France we are illustrating that we have the right to do all that. Doing this we are also indicating that you are covered on lots of levels.

For example, travel agents in France have to take out financial cover that will guarantee to match the amount paid out by the customer. This financial guarantee is used to refund all money received for contracts he has made with the final customer for all current or future services. In particular, in the event of non-payment resulting in bankruptcy, all repatriations costs and consequent supplementary expenditure will be covered.
In other words, any money you spend with us is covered ! The same cannot be said of internet operators !

The services we offer

Producing day trips and holidays. Organized tours as well as tours a la carte, giving you the opportunity to discover our region for yourself, with its castles and fine cuisine, and its mountains and sea.

Hotel reservations (2 to 5 stars), guest houses, holiday cottages, restaurants, guided tours, transport, coaches, taxis and minibuses

We take the time to listen to our new clients and to our customers, to examine their budget and understand their personality and what they are looking for, everything is taken into account so that what was once a project, becomes a holiday.

Private and group transport.

Professional guides and escorts, languages spoken: English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Bike rides, boat tours and hikes, sightseeing, visits to wine producers and wine tasting, shopping excursions to local producers or craftsmen living close by, activities on demand: canyoning, rafting, cultural activities and relaxation.

Day trips for pensioners and business committees (CE).

What makes us that bit better?

We have an extensive knowledge of the area and of the destinations in our offers and the people we work with have been very carefully selected. Having travelled extensively around the world, the founder of the company has fallen totally in love with the area.

The receptive operator visits all the sites before your trip and can always be contacted. In the event of a problem, be it large or small, the agency is always at the end of a phone call, whatever the hour!


Organizing a business seminar to bring your company together, improving its cohesion and reinforcing the feeling of belonging to the company. That is one of the important elements used to motivate and also instill team-spirit among your staff. All these advantages are recognized benefits of corporate seminars and team-building.

Cocktail tasting sessions, pleasant afternoon parties, entertainment stands, inaugurations, product launches and even short business breaks. Aud’Etour will find you solutions adapted to your needs. We will put all our expertise into making a memorable occasion of your seminars and motivational get-togethers, with profitable consequences for the whole of your company.

That is why Aud’Etour will analyze your personal needs and wishes to create an event that matches your specification. It can take place over the course of one day or an evening, at an inauguration or at an event over several days.