Conditions Générales de Vente

Standard terms of sale AUD’ETOUR
Stay longer than 1 day

SAS Aud’Etour, 14 Rue Fabre D’Eglantine-11300 Cépie – France

These general and special conditions apply to all stays marketed by the SAS Aud’Etour. The term “travel” refers indifferently to a tailor-made stay or service marketed by the SAS Aud’Etour


These conditions are common to all stays marketed by SAS Aud’Etour.
Acceptance of the conditions

1.1 The Special Conditions of Sale apply to all sales transactions entered into by SAS Aud’Etour

1.2 Any customer of the SAS Aud’Etour acknowledges having the capacity to contract under the conditions described in the conditions of sale presented below. That is to say: to be duly empowered to enter into an undertaking within the framework of legal persons, legal majority and not be under guardianship or curatorship. These conditions are integral parts of the contract of sale.

1.3 All SAS Aud’Etour customers acknowledge that they have read these terms of sale and all the terms of the proposal before placing their order. From then on, the taking of the order entails your full adherence to the general and special conditions of sale of the SAS Aud’Etour.

1.4 A request for a reservation will only be effective after receipt by the SAS Aud’Etour of the order form duly completed by the customer. Or any document, letter, email stipulating the order of the customer, a means of payment, and a bank transfer for any booking request made less than 8 days before the trip.

These conditions are cumulative. By receipt of the means of payment:
for purchases made by cheque, receipt of the cheque by the SAS Aud’Etour,
for purchases made by credit transfer, by credit card, receipt of proof of payment by the SAS Aud’Etour

1.5 A reservation is final only after confirmation to the client by the SAS Aud’Etour of the availability of the stay.

  1. Prices and Payment for Stays

2.1 All prices are displayed in Euros. They must be checked at the time of registration

2.1.1 Booking more than 30 days from departure date:

At the reservation the guest will pay a minimum of 30% of the amount of the stay.

Full payment of the stay must be made no later than 30 days prior to departure.

Beyond this period, the reservation may be considered cancelled by the customer and the amounts paid for the reservation retained by the service provider.

2.1.2 Booking within 30 days:

The full payment of the service must be paid. After this time the booking request will be considered cancelled by the customer

2.2 The price varies according to the period of execution of the stay and/or the number of participants. In general, prices are expressed TTC and per person (pax). Our prices are contractual rates. No dispute as to the price of the stay can therefore be taken into account when the reservation request is effective. The VAT rate applied will be the rate applicable on the effective date of the service.

2.3 Means of payment:

SAS Aud’Etour accepts payment by:

  • Bank and postal cheques drawn on a French establishment. The cheque must be made payable to SAS Aud’Etour.
  • Transfers: The bank transfer charges/SEPA/swift remain with the customer.
  • Credit card
  • Cash settlements are accepted for SAS Aud’Etour

3. Cancellation/ modification of stays at the client’s initiative

3.1 Cancellation

Cancellation fees are payable when the reservation is final within the meaning of Article 1.5. Any request for cancellation must be addressed to SAS Aud’Etour by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

The email will be accepted if this cancellation takes place within 5 days of departure. The date of the postmark or the date of receipt of the email will be the date chosen for the cancellation. It will result in the collection of at least variable costs depending on the type of stay. (Subject to special mentions in the description of the stay).

See below the ‘Customer Charges’ table to know the amount of the Cancellation Fees based on the number of calendar days before the departure date of your stay.

Costs borne by the customer:

Cancellation received :

between 45 and 30 days before the date of departure: 30% of the package amount

between 30 and 15 days before the date of departure: 50% of the package amount

between 14 and 9 days before the date of departure: 70% of the package amount

between 9 days and the departure date: 100% of the amount of the package.

In case of cancellation of the stay, insurance is never refundable.
SAS Aud’Etour informs the customer of the existence of insurance contracts covering the consequences of the cancellation.

3.2 Interruption of stay

Any interrupted stay, shortened stay or any service not consumed by the customer will not be entitled to any refund. If the customer has taken out optional insurance, including the interruption of stay, he must comply with the cancellation terms set out in the general and special conditions of his insurance policy.

3.3 No Show

In case of no-show at the beginning of the stay, the SAS Aud’Etour will be able to maintain the other services only if the customer provides to the SAS Aud’Etour, within 24 hours of the beginning of the stay initially planned, a written request to the SAS Aud’Etour. No refunds may be granted as a result of services not consumed as a result of the failure to present the client. Should a late arrival result in additional costs for SAS Aud’Etour, such as arranging a new transfer, these costs will remain with the customer. The SAS Aud’Etour would then make its best efforts to guarantee the other services.

3.4 Cancellation of the stay of one of the registered persons

If the cancellation of the stay of one of the persons registered on the order form, results in the booking of a single room, instead of a double room, the supplement must be paid before departure.

  1. Cancellation/ modification of stays at the initiative of the company

4.1 Cancellation

If Aud’Etour were forced to cancel the purchased stay (except in case of acts of god), the customer would be notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. All sums paid would be returned immediately.

4.2 If this cancellation is imposed by circumstances of force majeure or relating to the safety of passengers, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation.

The descriptions may indicate a minimum number of persons below whom the service provider reserves the possibility of not providing the service. In this case, the SAS Aud’Etour shall notify the Customer by any means at its convenience. The Customer shall be immediately reimbursed for all sums paid. The Customer cannot claim damages. In some cases the service can be maintained despite the lack of participants for an additional price which will be charged to the customer.

4.3 Modifications

4.3 Because of the risks always possible in stays, participants are warned that what is described to them is the rule but that they can observe and undergo exceptions. If essential elements need to be modified before the stay, the customer will be notified by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt which will offer the customer :

the possibility of cancelling your stay at no cost
the possibility of subscribing to a new offer proposed by SAS Aud’Etour.

The customer must provide their response within 72 hours of receiving the letter informing them of the change if the departure date is more than 30 days, within 48 hours if the departure date is between 30 and 15 days, and 24 hours if the departure is less than 15 days.

In the event of the absence of agreement within the contractual time limits set out in Article 4.2, SAS Aud’Etour will be forced to cancel the stay. This cancellation will be carried out under the conditions laid down 3.1

  1. Procedures

The SAS Aud’Etour may in no case be held liable for any sanctions and/or fines imposed on participants resulting from non-compliance with health, administrative and customary regulations in France, as well as any consequences that may result therefrom, neither be held responsible, nor reimburse the value of all or part of the stay when the customer cannot present the identification and/or sanitary documents necessary for the performance of his stay or presents outdated documents.

  1. Force majeure

Force majeure means any event outside the parties. An event which is unpredictable and insurmountable in nature and which prevents either the customer, the travellers or the company or the service providers involved in the execution of the stay from fulfilling all or part of the obligations laid down in the contract. This will be the case in particular with regard to the strike of means of transport, hotel staff, insurrection, riot and any prohibition enacted by the governmental or public authorities, of climatic, geographical, sanitary and political conditions

  1. Complaints

Any complaint must be addressed to the SAS Aud’Etour by registered letter within 30 days of the return of the stay subject to the complaint. Any problem related to non-performance or poor performance of services on site during the stay must be reported as soon as possible to the SAS Aud’Etour and be the subject of a detailed incident report. As part of the favourable treatment of the complaint, this report shall be attached to the registered letter referred to in paragraph 1 of this clause. These special conditions are subject to French law.

  1. Civil Responsability

SAS Aud’Etour has signed a contract with a leading insurance company covering the consequences of its professional liability.

  1. Accomodation

10.1 Offer Condition

It is usual to take possession of the room from 15.00 and to release it before 12.00. Under no circumstances shall SAS Aud’Etour derogate from this rule. Furthermore, any room taken before 15 hours or returned after 12 hours is considered to be a night spent. Prices are calculated on a number of nights and not days.

10.3 Accomodation’s Modification

It may happen that the SAS Aud’Etour is forced, for multiple reasons, to change the way of accommodation without this measure constituting a modification of an essential element of the stay. To the extent possible, the customer will be notified in advance by SAS Aud’Etour to provide a service in the same category as the one originally proposed

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