Yoga Retreat

A harmonious and warm-hearted atmosphere, in a natural and a relaxing environment in Occitanie.

We are organising with Marie Diel, Hatha yoga retreats, included a cooking workshop, a mountain trek and relaxing time. The retreats are located next to Carcassonne and “le canal du midi”, the two sites are an UNESCO World Wide Heritage.

Have you ever noticed that only a few minutes can be enough to reconnect with oneself.

So imagine a few days in a quiet place with only one goal: to refocus on oneself.

It is one of the fundamental principles of the yoga retreat. Take time for oneself, to focus on what goes well and finally find the path of happiness again, which comes from inside.

A retreat of three days is an ideal length to discover all the benefit and leave the retreat light and zen.

Rest and diet: fully part the yoga retreat! full board retreat allows to leave the logistic matters in some else’s hands. Therefore, you can concentrate on your sleep and diet.

A healthy diet associate with daily yoga helps you to reconnect with a healthy, deep and restorative sleep. The meal are balanced and prepared on the site they are vegan or and vegetarian, the products are local and bio.

Your retreat is restorative and detoxifying, an ideal opportunity to find a well balance life style again.

Energies from the selected place

The yoga retreat in South of France is peaceful and the energy flies around, you will deeply connect to nature throughout your day.

Yoga could be done in one of the two selected places.

A Yoga retreat is a place where people meet and exchange many things. Bonds develop during the yoga retreat as people often come with the same approaches.

Many people have build a lasting relationship that arose from the meeting during the yoga retreat.

Retreat Yoga Video