A harmonious and warm-hearted atmosphere with Marie the yoga teacher.

The place: “Pays de Sault” a vast natural park in South of France, unique and entirely preserved and authentic, with immense forests that deserve to be explored. A place in the nature full of bountiful green life – you will come back for sure!

“Le Pays de Sault” is still relatively unknown, why? Because it is not easily accessible by public transport as there is no main road passing through the region; from the nearby town “Belcaire” the next supermarket is 30km away!

It is for that reason “Le Pays de Sault” is still the perfect, pristine place to get away from it all.

Yoga Retreat in South of France

Accommodation is in Roquefeuil, a peaceful village nestled at the foot of the impressive “Pic des Sarrasis” mountains

(1H30 from Carcassonne, 2H15 from Toulouse, 2H from Perpignan).

Calmness and serenity are at the heart of this region, very close to the villages of Belcaire and Espezel, far from the fast and furious urban routine.

Well-equipped cooking facilities for cooking workshops and a beautiful yoga studio.

Welcoming cottages with two individual bedrooms and bathroom shared by each two rooms.

We are organising with our partner Marie Diel a retreat combining Hatha Yoga classes, a cooking workshop and a mountain trek in Roquefeuil (Aude).

2 retreats.

From Monday 28th of October to Wednesday 30th of October 2019.

From Thursday 31st of October to Saturday 2nd of November 2019

This retreat will give you the opportunity to go deeper in your Hatha Yoga practice with a 1:30 hour morning class then and delve into your Yin Yoga practice with a one hour evening class.

The retreat is for everyone whether or not you are new to yoga, but you should have good physical condition if you are new.

To download the registration form click here.

Health benefit of yoga practice:

Improvement of the physical body

Improvement of the emotional and psychical well-being.

Increased energy.

Balancing of the flux of body energy.

Become more mindful toward yourself.

Learn to implement self-care in your daily practice.

Learn how to regulate the stress with breathing technique and mindfulness practice.

You will fall in love with:

The friendly and warm atmosphere, an amazing place in France which is completely preserved.

An true health and wellness retreat

Program during the yoga retreat in the Pyrenees

Relaxation, energy, nature, friendly atmosphere

Day 1 – Monday 28th of October 2019 and Thursday 31th of october

From 10h00 AM: Welcoming pack and presentation

12h00-14h00 Lunch

15h30-16h30 Vinyasa yoga

16h30-17h30 discussion, free time, walk around the town, visit local producers.

20h00- 21h00 light dinner, herbal tea.


Day 2 – Tuesday 29th of October 2019 and Friday 1st of November

From 7h30 AM: Neti pot, detox juice or tea, meditation

8h00-9h30 Hatha yoga, sun salutations, Pranayama (Breathing technic)

9h30-10h30 Breakfast vegan or vegetarian

10h30-12h30 Free time, walking in town, spirituals/yoga book/vegan book lent.

12h30-16h30 Trekking in the Pyrenees, picnic and …

17h00-18h00 Yin yoga

19h30-20h30 cooking course

20h30 communal dinner


Day 3 Wednesday 30th of October 2019 and Saturday 2 of November

From 7h30 AM: Neti pot, detox juice or tea, meditation

8h00-9h30 Hatha yoga, sun salutations, Pranayama (Breathing technic)

9h30-10h30 Savoury or sweet breakfast


Yin yoga: Yin yoga work around the meridians with each pose focusing on specific meridians.

This yoga practice allows us to listen to our emotion and let go of “control”. It releases tension and knots.

Hatha yoga and sounds baths

A dynamic practice that focused on the upper body and to open the heart center to release the breath and create space to connect with our deepest aspiration.

A place  would be given at the end of the practice for savasana to keep the body at the correct temperature and enjoy the end of the practice.

Join Marie for the yoga practice and sound relaxation with singing bowl, shamanic drum and sacred sound.

The retreat features: Yin yoga, hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga along with singing bowl and other healing sounds, pranayama and of course free-time to rest, to discuss and share a warm drink or enjoy the amazing landscape of the region.

Price: 290 Euro/person. if 8 peoples

Price: 390 Euro/person. if 4 peoples

To plan for the retreat

Advance payment: 250 euro and complete payment 7 days before the start of the retreat.

Payment through transfer wise possible


Guided by a yoga teacher living in London and certified by International Yoga Alliance.

2 nights


5 hours of yoga

Cooking workshop and trekking with an avid guide by our region or a guide passionate by our region.

Lunch and diner, herbal tea and tea during break time

Bed linen, bathroom linen and toilet supplied

Accessible for beginners and advance level

an invitation to lose yourself be travelling off the beaten path to find yourself.

Transport to and from the meeting point :

Shuttle car from Carcassonne (30 Euro per person)

Shuttle car from Toulouse price on request

We can organise the sharing care by getting the participant in contact with each other 15 days before the start of the retreat

Your own mat if you wish to bring it.

Personal expenses (snack, drinks, etc …) are not included

Price for partner that wish to share the same cottage but not participate :

90 €/per person included Breakfast,